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1d / one direction
3% / girl crushes
action item
alba / scotland
architecture porn 
baby / johnny boychuk
baby go / john gomez
best friend / joey richter
boyfriend / alex noyes
cheese / tyler seguin
charlie / charles manson
dallas green
george / johnny 3 tears
god / bob dylan
harry potter
hitler / get over it
honor society
hollywood ending
hollywood undead
husband / joe walker
jesus lacey / jesse lacey
jobe / josh montgomery
lord of the rings
perfect humans / the summer set
muffin / mark shami
richard ramirez
spirit / alex deleon
spirit animal / dustin pedroia
soulmate / anthony li
ted bundy
unfair / tyler wilson
you’re precious / alex gaskarth

you make me feel all of the feelings / stephen gomez
yuri / yuri pleskun

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