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October 20th
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October 20th
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Parker Cannon // The Story So Far
Photo Cred: Cayem Photography

October 20th
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it was

October 20th
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October 20th
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untitled (2014)

i am so far past the point
of mistaking a man’s hands for the word of god
and using the phrase “i love you”
as a crutch on a broken heart
mended loosely by drunk kisses and razor blades
but late at night i still remember
exactly how i learned to love that way

so when i’m next to you in the dark
with the taste of whiskey and your tongue
still in my mouth
when it’s been hours since you fell asleep
and i’m tossing quietly
trying not to wake you
i know what’s going to happen next

when you tell me that you love me
over and over, like a promise
like you really do, like you really mean it
i wonder if you feel the same way
when you tell me that you’re happy but
you regret this, like a promise
like you’re going to leave

that’s what’s going to happen next
you leave
and i start writing poems again

October 18th
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Despite all my rage
I am still just a rat in a cage

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October 18th
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Citizen by on Flickr.


October 17th
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October 16th
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October 15th
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The Story So Far // Soundwave, Adelaide

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